About us

Rete Genitori Rainbow – Rainbow Parents Network

Gay, lesbian bisexual and transgender parents with children from opposite-sex  relationships.


Rete Genitori Rainbow is a voluntary association in Italy.

Prior to becoming fully aware of our sexual orientation or our gender identity, many of us have had relationships, including long-term ones, and children.

In addition to the prejudice related to our sexual orientation, we have had to suffer other challenges stemming from separation and divorce from our previous partners, from the often problematic relationship with our former partners, from our fear that our children would not accept us for what we really are.

Our association, the Rainbow Parents Network, seeks to offer counseling and the opportunity for assimilation to gay, lesbian and transgender parents. We give the rainbow parents the possibility to share our – often diverse – experiences and to speak about our coming out to our families and to our children. The aim is to help us strengthen our own identity and live better and in peace with ourselves and with the people around us.

In achieving this objective, the Rainbow Parents Network avails of a network of volonteers, as well as of lawyers and psychologists, and uses an array of tools: dedicated forums,  help-lines, live meetings and conferences moderated by both professionals and those of us with personal experiences.

For inquiries and additional informations feel free to contact us via e-mail: [email protected]

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