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Rete Genitori Rainbow


Rete Genitori Rainbow is a nonprofit volunteer organization that operates in Italy.

We welcome people who had or are in a heterosexual relationship, have children and at some stage in their life become fully aware of their sexual orientation or their gender identity.

These parents, in addition to the prejudice related to their sexual orientation or gender identity, are very challenged from the separation and divorce proceedings from previous partners and the problems emerging with them.

But what challenges them the most is the fear that their children would not accept them for what they really are. Our organization aims to offer a safe environment where gay, lesbian and transgender parents can express, maybe for the first time in their life, their feelings and fears.

We provide different services to help them feel welcome and not discriminated. The main purpose is sharing with them our similar but at the same time unique experiences, speaking about our coming out to our children, our families and society as well.

Our goal is helping LGBTIQ+ parents to strengthen themselves, accept themselves, be at peace with themselves in order to have a better life with the people around them.

Our motto is “Family changes. Parents are forever” The Rainbow Parents’ Network operates through its volunteers and relies on a group of lawyers, psychologists and other professionals who collaborate with us in order to help out at its best the people who will contact us.

We also have a dedicated forum and a helpline. We organize meetings and conferences with both professionals and those of us with personal experiences to share as speakers.

We take part in all actions fighting all kind of discriminations, especially the ones related to sexual orientation and gender identity.

For inquiries and additional information feel free to contact us using this form